Corporate Responsibility

Strongly Committed to Corporate Responsibility

The British & Colonial Navigation Company works hard to recognise and respond to its responsibilities as corporate citizen in all areas of its business. It engages fully in the public sphere, participating in industry and professional bodies and plays an active part in the wider communities within which we operate.


A long term, progressive, approach to stewardship guides the all activities of the British & Colonial Navigation Company.

We respect and aim to learn from the past and aim to build on the knowledge that has been amassed over the past decades to improve, to innovate and to look forward. We believe in looking after the lands and seas, the environment and the urban and rural communities with which we are involved to the highest standards.

We recognise that the key to long-term success is to give equal, if not greater, attention to the relationships that we have with our tenants and the wider community.


We are involved in a diverse range of communities from British & Colonial Navigation Company’s activities in some of the most dynamic places in the world.

Each of these communities has its own culture, characteristics, issues and opportunities; the British & Colonial Navigation Company enjoys being involved in these communities and takes seriously its commitment to being an active and responsible corporate citizen.


For many years, the British & Colonial Navigation Company and its subsidiaries have been involved in philanthropy both in terms of financial giving and through its role as a responsible business.

The giving has been conducted in a more structured way, through charitable foundations, and we sponsor projects worldwide.